Best Things Come in Small Packages

Audio components
for the bit-perfect Hi-Fi sound

We make small audio components with the BIG sound. High resolution sound does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Find out more using the link below...

Small is Beautiful
Hand-crafted with attention to ergonomics and detail...

Hana-Lab Hi-Fi Kit

Miniature fanless server with 24/192 DAC already built-in (top), plus a high quality 2x50W amplifier (bottom). High resolution sound in a small package of our own design - just add speakers!


Each is unique...

The amplifiers we offer are based on high-quality TPA and TDA audio chips (from 2x20W to 2x100W): the amplifier modules are additionally improved to make them sound even better...

Built by hand

Our products are made to order, by hand. Our products are small, don't need a lot of power, and offer a true hi-fi sound with clean and simple design - perfect for the living room, office, or bedroom.