Custom Hi-Fi Kit

Raspberry Pi as an Audio Server?

Yes, definitely! Despite its small size, with the addition of special I2S DAC, the RasPi does the task surprisingly well. The sound of the built-in 24/192 DAC is comparable to the external DACs several times its price. There are DAC versions for the Raspberry Pi which support both the analog (RCA) and S/PDIF audio output. The standard version comes with RCA analog audio out, but since all our products are made to order, changing the specifications and specified audio output (analog or S/PDIF) isn't a problem.

Our servers are always customised according to the client's wishes, so there are always different configurations and enclosures to choose from, without the LCD, or with the LCD and IR remote control (which can be used in addition to "normal" control via a tablet or a smartphone). The enclosure can be built to order, e.g. with space for internal hard disk and other customisations.

The RasPi server comes with a high quality 24/192 DAC as standard, and can also be purchased together with one of our Class D amplifiers. Prices start from €320 (plus 25% VAT) for the basic server (without DAC, as a basic network player, e.g. in a Squeezebox system, in a square aluminium and wood enclosure). The systems with round enclosures pictured below start from €440 plus 25% VAT, depending on the components chosen.

Audio server + amplifier kit

Raspberry Pi mini fanless server with 24/192 DAC already built-in, plus TPA3116D2-based Hi-Fi amp which we offer as a complete high resolution audio solution. High resolution sound in a small package - just add speakers!

With front LCD and remote control

The server can be chosen with a front-mounted LCD which displays info about the currently playing track and other information, and an additional IR remote control.

Other possible additions

You can choose other additional options - this photo shows an additional enclosure for a 2.5" hard disk on the bottom.

Possible configurations and other enclosures

Here is one of the early prototypes with a large 20x4 LCD screen and a rather primitive enclosure, with some amplifier prototypes.

The driving force

Without the LCD in the enclosure, the case for the audio server can be extremely small. Pictured is the "heart" of the system - Raspberry Pi mini fanless computer with a special 24/192 high resolution DAC

Perfect companions

Our hand-built amp is a perfect companion for a small RasPi audio server. Different stereo amp versions are available (2x50W, 2x100W). A version with RasPi and the amp in the same enclosure can also be built to order.