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We design and make unique handmade pens and office stationery.
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What We Make

To last

We make handcrafted ballpoint, rollerball and gel pens from aluminum, brass and stainless steel.
We also design and make stationery items, like pen holders, pen boxes, business card holders, etc.
All our items are handmade to order, and use a recognizable combination of metal and wood.

Rolleball Pens

A Lasting Gift

The pens we make are guaranteed to last - which makes them an ideal and lasting gift. Each pen comes with its unique storage container, made of solid wood.

Pens and Stationery

Various designs
to choose from

You can choose small or large(r) ballpoint pens and rollerball pens in different materials (aluminium, stainless steel, brass), with different weight and feel - to fit any hand.

Special Designs

For that natural
tactile feeling

    The tactile feeling is an important part of the design of our products and thus we also offer pens with wooden "grip", for that inimitable touch of wood.

Additional Accessories

To complement
your pens

In addition to pens, we also design and offer various handmade stationery items (pencil stands and presentation cases, business card holders, desk accessories, etc.) - pictured above is a desktop pen stand which also serves as a mobile phone stand.

Our Philosophy

Efficient, Simple and Elegant

All our pens follow similar basic philosophy: they are uncomplicated, minimalistic and simple to use. They are built by hand, and each is unique, carefully crafted, finished and assembled by hand.

Custom Pens Price List

Note: The exact size (length) of our pens may vary slightly, since all our pens are handmade.

All pens come with their wooden storage container - see photo below).

All prices are for payment via PayPal and do NOT include shipping - please, contact us for details and payment.

Slim Pens

Slim pens measure 125mm (4.9 in) in length and 8mm (0.31 in) in diameter, and use standard Pilot ball point refills RFJS-GP-F ("Fine"). Other refills are available as custom options.

Material Description Price (US$)
Aluminium Slim ball-point pen $40.00
Brass Slim ball-point pen $50.00
Stainless Steel Slim ball-point pen $55.00

Standard Size Pens

Standard size rollerball pens measure 140mm (5.5 in) in length and 10mm (0.39 in) in diameter (sizes may vary slightly, since all are handmade). Available refills are Pilot G2 (gel refill) as standard, with thinner rolerball Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 (i.e. Pilot Precise V5, 0.5 size) and Hi-Tec C4 (0.4 size) as options.

Material Description Price (US$)
Aluminium Rollerball pen $45.00
Brass Rollerball pen $55.00
Stainless Steel Rollerball pen $65.00

Extra Options

We also offer aluminium pens with gel and rollerball refills, in standard size (10mm diameter), but with the lower part of the pen made of solid wood, which makes it rather special. Like all our products, these pens are also 100% handmade.

The pen also comes with its custom container, made of the same type of wood as used for the pen. Prices start from $65, depending on the type of wood.

Another extra option (add $10 to the price) is the extra screw cap with pocket clip - for aluminium pens in both sizes (slim and standard).

Accessories and Stands

We also offer various desk pen stands, pen presentation cases, business card holders and mobile phone stands. Please inquire for availability and prices.