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We design and make unique handmade audio devices, from audio servers/streamers, amplifiers, to small full-range speakers.
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What Hana-Lab Does

come in small packages

We make handcrafted audio components. Our products are small, they don't need
complicated and expensive power supplies, and offer a true hi-fi sound with clean and simple design
- perfect for the living room, office, bedroom or workshop.

Well-rounded Sound

Small components
with the BIG sound

We make small (and big, if you like those) audio servers/network streamers and Class D amplifiers, tube preamplifiers, monoblock amplifiers... even small full-range speakers!

Fair and Square

Choose Your
own design

Audio servers, Class D amplifiers, tube preamps - we also make these in a more "restrained", traditional design, in square aluminum enclosures with natural wood faceplates.

Each is Unique

Each device is
made just for you

All our products are made by hand, from carefully selected materials, and built to order, according to customer's specifications and requirements.

Rediscover Your Music

Music never
sounded so good

Our amplifiers draw out the best from every speaker you might connect them to: from 4 Ohm to 8 Ohm speakers, even those notoriously "difficult to drive".

Audio Solutions for Every Situation

Whether you simply want a better sound coming from the PC, a high-quality and high resolution audio system, a compact audio system for the workshop or a multi-room sound solution, we can build it for you, to your specifications.

We take custom orders, and can make unique, one-of-a-kind devices just for you, like the one shown in the photo below (hint: it's not what it appears to be at first sight...).

Audio Components Price List

Hana-Lab Components
in Round Enclosures

Name Description Price (US$)
Audio server Server/streamer with built-in 24/192 DAC $440.00
Server with LCD & remote As above, with LCD display and remote control $520.00
Amplifier 2x50W 2x50W Class D amplifier $290.00
Amplifier 2x100W 2x100W Class D amplifier $350.00

Hana-Lab Components
in Square Enclosures

Name Description Price (US$)
Audio server Server/streamer with built-in 24/192 DAC $320.00
Amp 2x30W 2x30W Class D amplifier $180.00
Amp 2x50W 2x50W Class D amplifier $210.00
Amp 2x100W 2x100W Class D amplifier $250.00
Tube Preamp Tube Preamp with one ECC86 $180.00

All components are made to order

Each component will be made just for you, in the selected enclosure type, customised to your requirements.

Some of the available enclosure types are shown in the photo below.